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How does ERP works? 

ERP, at its core, is an application that automates business processes, provides insights and internal controls for central database drawing and use it to making manage easier as it good at collecting inputs from different departments like manufacturing, supply chain management, sales and marketing. ERP main value is at leaving enterprises with more time to concentrate on their core business. 

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NetSuite Cloud ERP The World's #1 Cloud Business Managment Software Suite

The term “ERP” (Enterprise Resource Planning) was first used in the 1990s by the Gartner Group, but this system actually has its roots deep in the manufacturing industry, and can trace the history back to the 1960s.

After 60 years of continuous innovation and the vigorous development of the Internet, the ERP system has been promoted to any size of enterprise since it enables companies to identify areas of the business with room for improvement or opportunities for expansion.

 What is EPR system?

Cloud Business Managment Software Suite

The general comment we had on hand from our valuable customers said, slow ERP software implementation bring hesitation to them for ERP installation. And actually, it is not uncommon for taking 2-3 years for implementation, depending on the scope of the software which means earlier planning in advance counted in years to avoid work disruptions. 

Second, maintenance cost of ERP is high. Traditional ERP system is installed at company hardware which additional cost for its update brought if there is upgrade of the company hardware due to business growth. Yes, market has some free ERP supplement options available, though additional features to the base software come at a price too. 

Last but not the least, longer payback (ROI) time has to be paid for traditional ERP. As we mentioned above, long installation time, high maintenance cost & difficult data migration MUST inevitably prolong the return on investment, and even worse, it will drag down the growth of the enterprise. 

Third, data migration from supplement software to internal ERP is difficult & under very high cost & time consuming. But, allowing several software serving different enterprise functions will lead to occlusion and partiality of management, which is very dangerous and unfavorable for the development of the industry. Balance is hard to keep. 

Limitation of traditional ERP

WHY Cloud ERP?

ERP is an indispensable management software for any enterprise that wants to do well and become bigger, but those constraints in traditional ERP cannot be ignored. How to strike for a balance in between is a MUST answer question that every software developer and business consultant needs to face.

Linkage, a major retail & payment solution provider in the region, co-works with Oracle together for Cloud ERP (Oracle NetSuite) as the best choice to overcome these obstacles and help enterprises jumping into lucrative markets.

Oracle NetSuite

Cloud ERP was under studying in Oracle from 2012 since she is one of the BEST ERP providers & fully understand those hesitations & commit to solving them derived from the application. Today, more than 29,000 companies in more than 200 countries around the world have used Oracle NetSuite Cloud ERP and related configurations, truly achieving cloud integration, promoting and catalyzing the growth of all walks of life. Oracle NetSuite is currently the world's number one cloud-based ERP system with impressive results.

Benefits of NetSuite

As growing enterprises, achieving bigger market penetration & gaining more customers are 2 big challenges faced & MUST overcome via effectively managing sales teams, channels & back-office to ensure high-levels of services provided. However, NetSuite (cloud ERP) offer much more than these. 

Automate and streamline manual processes

Reduce the hiring on running daily operation like order management, invoicing, cash collections and financial consolidations.

Operational Data is ALWAYS Up-to-date

Non-stop receiving operational information from various departments, cloud ERP provide timely, accurate financial statements, inventory reports and more.

Quick & easy access real-time organizational data 

With cloud-based ERP, employees can access data from anywhere.

Shorten the time & cost on decision making

No duplicate or conflicting sources of information, wise decision can be made fast & correct.

WHY Linkage

NetSuite is “a set of leading practices that pave a clear path to success and is proven to deliver rapid business value”.  Linkage, stands beside Oracle NetSuite can add value to your business growth in below aspects:


Linkage is an expert on enterprise and retail system design and implementation.  We are extremely experienced in providing consulting and technical development services on systems for retail industry, large commercial corporations, banks and financial institutions, and public sector.


Our strong background on developing payment gateway, 3rd party system, handheld, mobile, ecommerce system definitely can help you to overcome the challenges of the retail industry.


We accomplished numerous projects of implementing retail management system, eCommerce and payment gateway system, payment terminals and payment infrastructure design for clients, which make us better understand the customer needs, so we can serve our customers with the best-fit solutions.


Linkage not only can help you to launch the NetSuite Cloud ERP system smoothly.  We also can help seamlessly integrate NetSuite with your other systems.


In short, Linkage is an all-rounded partner who you can’t miss for business expansion.

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