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Advantages of Food Mobile Ordering System - Mobile Ordering System and Point-of-sale (POS)

In the previous article, we discussed the advantages of Food Mobile Ordering System - Table Management and Menu Customization. In this article, we will explore the advantages of Food Mobile Ordering System - Mobile Ordering System and Point-of-sale (POS).

What issues might arise without the Food Mobile Ordering System?

Before restaurant started using the Food Mobile Ordering System, waiter would write down customers' orders by hand and take them to the kitchen. To keep the orders from flying away, chef would wet the handwritten note with water and attach them to the plate once the meal was ready. This old way had some problems: orders may be missed, there was no way to see when an order was placed, and organizing orders was tough. Furthermore, once the waiter gave the order to the kitchen, they couldn't keep track of it anymore. For payment, waiters would jot down prices like '39+40+50' on a piece of paper as the bill. Because it was handwritten, they wouldn't rewrite what was ordered. If the paper got lost, the restaurant had to ask the customer what they had to calculate the invoice. Also, since there was no record, restaurants could only guess which meals were popular and had to count sales by hand.

Solutions – Mobile Ordering System and Point-of-sales (POS)

Mobile Ordering System

When a restaurant adopt a Mobile Ordering System, the restaurant can complete the order efficiently and systematically. Mobile Ordering System can help restaurants:

Pre-order: Customers can order food in advance using their mobile devices, and the restaurant can then arrange a suitable time for preparation, thereby reducing pressure on the restaurant.

Improve order accuracy: Waiter and chef can check order at any time and waiter can observe which orders have not been delivered to increase order accuracy.

Photo menu: A menu with pictures and text is more attractive than text.

Variability: Restaurant can modify menu content and prices at any time.

Reporting: Restaurant can generate various reports, such as sales reports and turnover reports, based on different criteria.


Point-of-sale (POS)

Through the POS system, restaurant can collect payment according to customer payment preferences. The POS system can help restaurant:

Online payment: The restaurant can collect payment for pre-order orders in advance to prevent customers from cancelling their orders after the meal is prepared.

Offer Multi e-payment options: Nowadays, everyone is accustomed to using electronic payment methods and carries very little cash when going out. POS systems allow restaurants to offer customers a variety of electronic payment options, making the process fast and convenient.

Reporting: The POS system can generate various reports related to POS, including the payment method of each customer and the price of each meal sold.


Both the Mobile Ordering System and Point-of-Sale (POS) are the initial steps for systemizing your restaurant. Interested in learning more or would like to share the difficulties your restaurant may face? 

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