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F&B Solutions

Linkage's "LINK One-Stop F&B Solutions" was developed to help restaurants overcome daily challenges. Our system is flexible and easy to use, which can help you easily meet the needs of different departments in your restaurant, making your restaurant operations smoother!

Basic Functions -

  • Mobile Ordering System

  • Table & Menu Management

  • Restaurant Frontend Management System

  • Reportings

  • POS System

Advance Functions -

  • Bill of Materials System (BOM)

  • Kitchen Management System (KMS)

  • Queuing System

  • Membership Loyalty System

  • Mobile Online Payment

Mobile Ordering System

  • QR code self-service order placement to reduce human errors

  • Provide personalized choices to meet different customers' needs

  • Include pictures on the menu to facilitate customers’ ordering

  • Orders are sent to the kitchen and bar instantly, reducing the risk of missed orders

  • Support both dine-in and take-away in the same order

Table & Menu Management

  • Customizable and user-frienly floor plan / table layout, simple to set up

  • Provide real-time table status to facilitate seating arrangements, and increase table turnover rate

  • Enable import of menu items and products via excel, to speed up the set up process

  • Provide preset commonly used templates, e.g. less sugar, less ice, to make the menu set up more easy and convenient

  • Configurable menu availability time to expedite menu switching

  • Provides a central management model to manage multiple restaurants in a unified manner


Restaurant Frontend Management System

  • Allow staff to take orders for customers and manage the exceptions with immediate actions, e.g. change of the number of guests, table transfer etc.

  • Query and modify orders, including adding/removing items, changing quantities and canceling orders

  • Merge / split bills for customers

  • Print the detail order slip

  • Pay-at-the-table

Bill Of Materials (BOM)

  • Manage recipes including ingredients with quantities and instructions

  • Automatically calculate total ingredient usage and cost

  • Easily monitor the usage status of ingredients and facilitate replenishment

  • Facilitate the demand forecasting and planning

Kitchen Management System (KMS)

  • All orders placed will be immediately displayed in the kitchen, significantly minimize orders missing

  • Allow restaurants to sort the order according to waiting time, dine-in/take away, table number, order count, etc

  • Flexible switching between manual and automatic modes

  • Front-of-house staff can directly pass the customer requests to kitchen staff by entering it into the system

Queuing System

  • Allow self-ticketing to avoid long queue outside of the restaurant

  • Issue queue ticket to include -

    • Waiting number & number of customers

    • Estimated waiting time

    • QR code for checking real time status

    • Message for reminding customer to return in due course

    • Other useful messages

  • ​Customer can check the queuing status by scanning the QR code

Membership Management System

  • Membership registration

  • Member profile management

  • Points and Rewards

  • Offers and promotions

  • Order history and records

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