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HKTVmall – E-commerce Market Leader to Put O2O Strategy into Practice

HKTVmall – From Zero to Hero

HKTVmall, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Technology Venture Company Limited, was launched in 2015, starting with the slogan “We Sell Whatever You Can Imagine”, and is now the largest 24-hour online shopping mall in Hong Kong.

HKTVmall provides one-stop shop services including online shopping, marketing & digital advertising, big data analysis, and smart logistics & fulfilment. In 2016, HKTVmall opened the 1st O2O Concept Store in North Point, and up till now, it already has 93 O2O shops, which greatly expand its business network.

COVID-19 – Opportunity or Challenge?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more consumers are shifting from brick-and-mortar to online shopping. Consumers started purchasing supermarket products, medical masks, sanitizer products, groceries, etc. through online platform, and HKTVmall, as the local e-commerce market leader, recorded a dramatic growth in their sales performance since the beginning of 2022, and their average daily order number has even reached 59,300 in Feb 2022.

The change on the consumer behavior, on one hand, has generated record high sales volume to HKTVmall, but on the other hand, the huge number of orders has posed a series of challenges to the company.

Due to the serious deterioration of COVID-19 situation, HKTVmall e-commerce platform experienced a serious congestion on order fulfilment, because too many consumers were pouring in at the same time, but HKTVmall and their business partners including merchants, suppliers, and third-party logistics operators, were suffering from serious shortage in manpower. As a result, the order fulfilment lead time was seriously prolonged.

At the worst period, the delivery lead time was delayed from 2-3 days to 14-21 days, and some orders were even cut by HKTVmall due to the manpower shortage.

The unfavorable delivery arrangement of HKTVmall disappointed some of their consumers and resulted in a rise in order cancellation.

New O2O Ecosystem

To swiftly response to the challenges, HKTVmall has implemented certain key measures, including -

  • Recruiting restaurants as pick-up partners

  • Enhancing pick-up capacity of O2O shops

  • Launching HKTVexpress service as an alternative option

To further expand the network of pick-up points, and free up some of the delivery capacity, as well as provide convenience to consumers, HKTVmall has increased their offline pick up points to 260+ points.

Today, HKTVmall has successfully transformed their online shopping platform into a new O2O ecosystem and becomes the largest online shopping mall in Hong Kong.

Are you eager to build your O2O ecosystem? Or need support in improving your e-commerce platform?

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