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How Does Mobile Ordering System Improve Customer Experience?

Today, mobile ordering has become more and more popular. In order to stay competitive, almost half of the restaurants in the market have implemented mobile ordering systems to better serve their customers.

Imagine, your customer found your restaurant online and decided to give it a try. It was a busy lunch time. She walked into your restaurant and got the last seat. How lucky is she?

Your menu looked so attractive, and she finally decided what to eat…

“Excuse me….,” she then raised up her hand asking for order taking, but no one came to serve her, a few minutes later, she finally stopped a waiter, when she prepared to order, the waiter said…

“One moment please, I’ll be right back.”

However, she’s never seen that waiter again. Ten minutes later, she left the restaurant with anger and swore she would never come back.

No restaurant owners want to see this happen. To avoid that, you may need a mobile ordering system, so your customers can serve themselves when your waiters can't.

What is a Mobile Ordering System?

Mobile Ordering System is a system that restaurants can accept dine-in and/or takeaway orders and payments from a distance and/or online.

Customers can access the menu by scanning a QR code with their mobile device, then they can place their order and submit their special requirements to the restaurants.

The mobile ordering system not only provides a platform for order placing, but also offers you a chance to increase customer engagement. You may carry out the marketing activities through the Mobile Ordering System, or even bring in your loyalty program to provide more value to your customers.

How Does Mobile Ordering System Improve Customer Experience?

1. Make Order Process Simple

The traditional way of food ordering is highly dependent on staffing, and when your staff is busy, your customers are likely to be ignored.

The advantage of using a mobile ordering system is that your customers need not to wait for your staff to take their orders. They can simply order whatever they want with their mobile device. No more anger and anxiety.

2. Lesser Order Errors

Taking orders over the noise or music is sometimes challenging, and your staff may not be able to get the order right the first time, or even after a few times.

Allowing customers to place their orders directly from their mobile devices can reduce order errors caused by misunderstanding and ugly hand-writing, which certainly helps reduce the chances of disappointing customers by serving incorrect meals.

3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Through the mobile ordering system, customers not only can track their order status, but also can view the latest menu, check out the current promotion and even obtain a discount coupon, and this all-rounded experience will certainly help increase customer satisfaction.

To further convert customer satisfaction into customer loyalty, you may consider integrating your customer loyalty program with the mobile ordering system, to give customers a valuable motive to visit your restaurant over and over again.

4. Personalised Experiences

More and more customers demand tailored experiences, and It is vital for a restaurant to facilitate an elite customer experience.

The mobile ordering system allows restaurant owners to capture the information and preferences of their customers, like their favourite dishes, food allergies and memorial dates, so the restaurant owners can understand the needs of their customers and serve them with personalised services.

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