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Use livestreaming to offer festival discounts to attract customers placing online orders

You want to thank your loyal livestreaming fans (aka customers), so you are going to run a festival-themed livestreaming session to offer a great discount to them.

During the livestreaming session, you interact with your customers, offer them big discounts and free gifts, and of course, sell your products to them. At the end of the session, all products are sold, and congrat to you, you’ve made big money!

Ideal? Yes, but to realise this dream, first, you need to have an efficient order fulfilment process to support your livestreaming (ecommerce) business. However, order fulfilment involves many things, e.g. inventory, logistics, finance… etc., and they often come across several systems, which make the process time consuming and costly.

To improve the efficiency and reduce the costs in the long run, integrating all systems to one platform may be an option.

But how? Contact us today and we will provide you with professional consulting and technical assistance.

Want to know more about the benefits of livestreaming? Here you go!

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