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F&B – Integrated Solutions: The Development of Chain Restaurants

In the Hong Kong Food and Beverage Industry, it is common to see many restaurants operating as chains. Tracing back to the predecessors of chain restaurants, they often originate from small restaurants, and in some cases, even from Itinerant Hawker.

Over the years, they have experienced numerous challenges such as economic development, local reconstruction, and inflationary spike. To stand firm in the market, these restaurants need to continuously strive for improvement and enhance their competitiveness, and embracing technology integration has become an essential component for these restaurants.


In order to assist small, medium-sized, and chain restaurants in overcoming their daily challenges, Linkage has created "LINK One-Stop F&B Solutions" - a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to meet all the needs of your restaurants.


LINK One-Stop F&B Solutions


Our F&B Solutions, of course, have all basic functions that restaurants of all sizes require to effectively manage their daily operations, such as:


●      F&B Point-of-Sale (POS)

●      Mobile Ordering System

●      Table & Menu Management

●      Restaurant Frontend Management System

●      Reportings


On top of these basic functions, we offer some advanced modules to fulfill sophisticated requirements of the restaurant, such as:


●      Bill of Materials System (BOM)

●      Kitchen Management System (KMS)

●      Queuing System

●      Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

●      Mobile Online Payment


Central Management Model - Manage Multiple Restaurants in a Unified Manner

Managing a single restaurant is already a challenging task, and it becomes even more complex when dealing with multiple establishments. At Linkage, we fully understand the difficulties faced by restaurant owners. That's why our F&B Solutions incorporate a Central Management Model, designed to assist you in efficiently overseeing multiple restaurants in a unified manner.


Menu Management: Our Menu Management Function enables restaurants to establish a company-standard menu that will be automatically replicated across all new branches. This eliminates the need to spend lots of time setting up the menu from scratch each time. Additionally, we provide flexibility to individual branches, allowing them to make specific modifications and create their own menus tailored to accommodate diverse offerings


Bill of Materials (BOM): Our Bill of Materials Module is a tool designed to assist restaurants in managing their recipes, including ingredients with quantities and cooking instructions. It also enables the recording and tracking of ingredient usage for each branch, enabling the restaurant to uniformly place replenishment orders in a timely manner.


Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) - Turning Your Customers into Die-Hard Fans


LINK Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) enables restaurants to efficiently and effectively manage their members’ information, and allows restaurants to always stay in touch with their customers. 


By tracking members’ activities, restaurants gain a deeper understanding of their customers preferences and interests, enabling them to provide customized offers to increase sales.


Additionally, LINK CRM allows restaurants to reward and incentivize their “fans” for their continued engagement and loyalty.


LINK CRM offers three kinds of reward mode, they are:

●      Stamp Collection

●      Points Collection

●      Couponing

By offering various rewards, your customers are more likely to revisit your restaurant repeatedly, ultimately becoming your die-hard fans!


Interested In Knowing More About Our LINK F&B Solutions?


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