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F&B Technology Trend 2024

The Catering Industry is currently facing a shortage of manpower in Hong Kong. According to reports, the industry currently has a shortage of 30,000 to 40,000 workers. Some restaurants have been forced to close due to lack of staff, making it challenging to maintain daily operations. As a result, restaurant owners have started embracing digital transformation, with technology becoming their reliable partner.


So, are there any solutions that can help restaurants solve the manpower shortage crisis and improve staffing conditions? Of course, YES!


1.     Reservation / Queueing System (Through Consumer Webapp / Mobile App)

The reservation system allows customers to reserve tables in advance, allowing restaurants to plan and allocate staff accordingly. By having a clear understanding of expected customer numbers, restaurants can ensure adequate staffing levels and relieve pressure on their limited workforce.


Similarly, a well-implemented queuing system can help manage walk-in customers effectively. By providing accurate wait time estimates and organizing queues, restaurants can prevent overcrowding and ensure a smooth dining experience, even with a reduced staff.


2.     Mobile Ordering and Online Payment System

Mobile ordering and online payment systems allow customers to place orders and pay directly through their mobile devices, thereby easing the problem of staff shortages. This reduces the need for manual order taking and payment processing, allowing staff to focus on other important tasks and improving operational efficiency.

3.     Delivery by Robot

With delivery robots, waiters can focus on other tasks such as interacting with customers, instead of spending a lot of time walking back and forth between kitchen and the dining area, which help restaurants improve the efficiency of their staff.


4.     Customer Relationship Management System / Customer Loyalty Program

Keeping the operational flow smooth is essential to running a restaurant, but it is not the sole factor in ensuring business growth or even survival. What plays a vital role? Undoubtedly, it's your customers.


Implementing a customer-centric CRM system not only helps restaurants effectively manage their “fans” but also enables them to reward and incentivize these customers for their continued engagement and loyalty.


The CRM system allows restaurants to collect various types of customer data, which, in turn, helps them segment their customer base and create targeted marketing campaigns and personalized dining experiences. This capability is definitely helpful in increasing sales and revenue.


Last But Not Least…


By implementing reliable systems, the concerns and challenges associated with employee turnover can be effectively reduced. Well-structured and efficient systems ensure that knowledge, processes and responsibilities are properly documented and organized. This allows for a smooth transition when employees leave, as their successors can adapt quickly and continue operations seamlessly.


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