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How does Technology Improve Communication in the Food and Beverage Industry?

Our previous article introduced how technology can bring highly accurate and efficient operations to the Food and Beverage industry. Today, let's discuss another benefit of technology, which is its role as a tool for effective communication. 

Whether it's internal communication, such as within the kitchen or among staff in different sections, between management and front-line colleagues, or external communication, like communicating with suppliers, and perhaps most importantly, interacting with valuable customers, effective communication is vital.


LINK – Mobile Ordering System

Reducing the Pressure on Front-line Colleagues

Nowadays, the shortage of staff in restaurants is a serious issue. Every colleague may need to perform several tasks, which inevitably leads to a lack of communication for customers, causing a lot of stress.

The advantage of a Mobile Ordering System is that it can reduce the pressure on front-line colleagues, especially during peak hours. When customers are waiting outside, they tend to place their orders around the same time. With a Mobile Ordering System, customers can place their orders directly by their mobile devices, and no longer need to wait for the staff taking their orders. This will undoubtedly help eliminate conflicts between staff and customers as well as staff stress.


Reducing Human Error

The restaurant manager often receives complaints from customers, primarily due to ordering errors. These errors typically arise from communication mistakes between the waiter and the customer. It could be a result of the waiter mishearing something or the customer misspeaking, among other possibilities.

To address this issue, implementing a Mobile Ordering System in the restaurant allows customers to place orders through their mobile devices. They can select their desired meals and quantities based on their preferences and even add notes regarding any special needs or requests. By displaying the order details in a text format within the system, this significantly reduces the occurrence of human errors and missing orders.

Furthermore, the kitchen receives direct instructions from the customers through the system, eliminating communication errors that may occur between the front-of-house and kitchen staff. This streamlined process ensures that the kitchen staff accurately understand and execute the customers' orders, enhancing overall efficiency and customer satisfaction.


LINK – Customer Retention Program (CRP)

Promotions and Offer

The restaurant can establish a Customer Retention Program to facilitate communication with customers. This program enables private conversations between the restaurant and customers, allowing for personalized engagement. 

The restaurant can utilize this channel to share information about new product releases, promotions, and exclusive offers with all customers. By leveraging content marketing activities within the program, the restaurant can effectively communicate with and engage their customers. 

This direct line of communication serves as an excellent means for the restaurant to stay connected with their customer base and foster stronger relationships.


Customer Behavior, Preferences and Consumption Patterns

Restaurants can use Customer Retention Programs as a means of communication to understand which customer segments are more likely to visit their restaurants. 

By analyzing customers' purchase records, favorite menu items, and spending patterns, restaurants can determine the direction of their marketing strategy. This valuable data allows them to understand the preferences and behaviors of their customer base, enabling them to tailor their marketing efforts accordingly. 

By leveraging the information obtained through the Customer Retention Program, restaurants can make informed decisions and implement targeted marketing campaigns that resonate with their desired customer segments.


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