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Advantages of Food Mobile Ordering System - Table Management System and Menu Customization

The Food Mobile Ordering System has a wide range of functions. Today, we will discuss how the following two functions can help restaurants to handle their daily operations more quickly and efficiently.


1. Table Management System

What is the Table Management System?

The Table Management System is a tool that helps restaurants efficiently manage their tables. It displays the floor plan of the restaurant and shows the status of tables, such as whether they are occupied or available, allowing the restaurant staff to easily assign tables to customers, manage seating arrangements, and keep track of table turnover and wait times, which helps restaurants optimize table utilization, streamline operations, and enhance the overall dining experience for both customers and restaurant staff.

Why is the Table Management System Important for Restaurants?

The Table Management System empowers the restaurant to tackle their daily challenges more systematically, such as -

  • Table Change: When a customer requests a table change, the system enables staff to promptly identify available tables and their respective statuses. This facilitates seamless table transitions, minimizing disruptions to the overall dining experience. Moreover, if the restaurant has implemented a Kitchen Management System (KMS), the staff can update the system with the new table number, ensuring accurate table delivery and preventing confusion in the kitchen.

  • Split or Group Bill: Sometimes, customers will request the restaurant to split the bill in order to share the bill among friends. Similarly, some customers who occupy multiple tables due to a large group may require grouping the bill for payment. The table management system helps ensure a seamless and efficient experience when it comes to splitting or grouping bills in restaurants. It saves time, minimizes errors, and enhances customer satisfaction by providing a convenient and accurate billing solution.


2. Menu Customization

What is Menu Customization?

Menu customization enables restaurants to manage their menu offerings, reflecting the availability of the dishes. It also allows restaurants to tailor their menu items, options, and pricing to meet the unique needs of their customers. A good menu customization function should be able to -

  • Allow restaurants to import the menu thru Excel uploading

  • Centrally manage the menus of all branches while retaining a certain degree of flexibility for each branch to modify their own menu

  • Offer access control 

  • Categorize menu items by period or time of day, such as breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Display image of the dishes

  • Allow real-time menu and pricing updating

The ultimate goal of these technology tools is to enhance customer satisfaction by providing flexibility and accommodating the needs of customers. It also empowers restaurants to offer personalized dining experiences, leading to increased customer loyalty, improved overall dining satisfaction, and increased customer return rate, thereby boosting revenue.

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