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The Relationship Between F&B Solutions and Social Media Marketing

As of January 2024, Hong Kong's population was approximately 7.49 million. Among, 7.17 million (or 95.6%) have Internet habits, while 6.46 million (86.2%) are active social platform users <Reference: Digital 2024 (Hong Kong)>.


The F&B industry can leverage the popularity of social media platforms for promotion, marketing, and news releases. The details are as follows:


Brand Visibility

Creating a company page on social media platforms is the first step for consumers to get to know the restaurant brand. The restaurant can share its brand story, mission, and restaurant features on the platform so consumers can further understand the restaurant and follow the page to increase exposure opportunities.


Restaurant can include basic information on their social media platform, such as the restaurant address, directions, contact information, and the company’s website.


New Product Announcement and Menu updates

Some restaurants update their menus on a daily or irregular basis. The restaurant can post the updates on social platforms for customers to check, they do not need to contact the restaurant directly to get the menu. In addition, when the company launches a new product, the restaurant can post and describe the details of the new product in text, pictures, or videos on the platforms.



Promotion and Offers

Restaurant can announce the promotion and offer discount to consumers on social media platforms. The festive atmosphere will encourage consumer to go out for shopping and dining gather with family and friends. Restaurant should prepare in advance to launch dining offers or package before the festival in social media platforms. There may not be actual discount on prices but restaurant can use festive packaging to attract consumers to increase business. Restaurant can also publish a holiday-related post on the day of the holiday, such as Happy Mother's Day, in order to increase exposure and often appear for target consumers.


Low Cost or Free for Advertising

Restaurant can share regular post on social media platforms, providing tips and information about food and beverage. This helps keep their business in front of consumers. When restaurant introduce new products, they can also use social media to promote them. Advertising on social media allows restaurant to reach specific customer groups, such as different genders, regions, or age groups, at a lower cost than advertising through other media.



Market Research and Trends

Social media platforms offer free insights into page performance, such as post reach, engagement, reactions, and shares. This helps restaurant understand which types of content consumers prefer and how they respond to new product launches, enabling restaurant to formulate effective marketing strategies.


Time to Consider…

Social media platform is a powerful tool that can attract consumer for free or at a lower cost. Once your audience becomes customers, how do you maintain relationship with them and turn them into your loyal customers?


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